5 Signs You're a Traveler in Iceland

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Being a traveler is about being true to yourself and your desires. Unlike a tourist, a traveler is someone who wants to experience our culture and avoid “tourist traps”.

Lola Luna


Lola Luna 

To embrace the traveller in you, focus on the culture of Iceland and connect with locals for advice and new friendships. Be spontaneous! You never know what might be waiting for you.

1. Never go somewhere “just to check it off the list"

Study your travel destination before leaving. Knowing the history and culture of where you're going will help you connect with the locals, be more travel-conscious, and improve your experience overall. Start researching by reading blogs, guidebooks, and other random sources. 

Destiny Iceland: Iceland Landscape photo by Collin Rex

2. Don't do things just because they're a “must-see”

There will inevitably be a “must-see” or “must-do” item in Iceland. Whether it's visiting the Blue Lagoon or checking out Golden Circle, resist the urge to go or do these experiences just because you feel like you'll “miss out” if you don't. Do it because you want and you feel it, let nature surprise you.

Destiny Iceland Must see Iceland photo by Jonatan Pie


3. Connect with the locals

Ask us for advice. You can stop someone random on the street to get advice from a local. Ask your guides, bartenders and hotel concierges or bed and breakfast hosts where they recommend. Whether you want a day trip, food, nightlife, or other advice, we are here to help you!

Iceland Airwaves Photo-by-Фото--Alexander-Matukhno,-Iceland-Airwaves


4. Be spontaneous

Keep your planning open to new experiences so you can go with the flow and follow local recommendations. Plans are for tourists, change of plans are for travelers. Minimizing previous plans helps you be able to go where the adventure takes you.

Iceland photo by Thomas Tucker


5. Learn some basic Icelandic 

Knowing how to say “Hello”(), "Thanks"(Takk),” “Where is the bathroom?" (Hvar er klósettið?) and “One beer, thanks” (Einn bjór, takk) in the local Icelandic will not only improve your experience but also help you bond with the locals. By learning some Icelandic basics, you're also showing the locals your interest and that you appreciate their culture.

Learn Icelandic - Every single word in IcelandicAn Instagram user @snorlax.gif has launched an interesting project to illustrate Icelandic words on her project "everysinglewordinicelandic", the work so far are both fun and interesting.

Responsible Travel

Remember that every step causes an impact and that a traveler respects the environment. Nature cannot be called our own, but we are glad to experience its beauty and should, therefore, protect it. Everyone should show responsible when it comes to preserving and protecting nature in Iceland. To travel and recreate with minimum impact, respect the environment and allow for future use of the outdoors by leaving it better than you found it is of utmost importance.