Things you'll need in Iceland

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What should you know before pack for an Icelandic adventure?, What do I need to take to Iceland?. Tips that everyone should take into account before packing for Iceland.


Lola Luna


Lola Luna 

  • A camera. Iceland is literally a photographers paradise. Are you ready to take amazing photos? Iceland has breathtaking landscapes, volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, black sand beaches and much more.
  • A map. You will find many maps on our site that you can download or check during your trip, with the main routes and itineraries depending on your priorities. You can also buy a classic paper map in any gas station in Iceland, the best way to disconnect from technology and enjoy nature like in old times.
  • Swimming Suit. Get swimming clothes with you every time, one of the best things about Iceland are hot springs and geothermal swimming pools. Get ready to soak once per day, your health and mind will love it.

Hot Springs Iceland Photo by Joshua Sortino

Photo by Joshua Sortino

  • Layers. There's a joke in Iceland that if you don't like the weather, just wait 2 minutes. But it's true. It can go from cold and wet, to sunny and warm, to cold and windy and then to sunny and rainy in the span of a half hour. So let's start thinking about clothing from the base up. In cold conditions, thermal underwear can act as a second skin by sitting snugly next to your body and keeping you warm.
  • Wake up early. To avoid crowds and enjoy the silence. Arrive early to waterfalls, hot pools and other natural wonders in order to get a jump on other travellers.
  • Eye masks. During the summer travel season, it's light for 24 hours each day in Iceland. It will not get dark outside. So if you need darkness to sleep, bring an eye mask to Iceland with you.